Angela Day, Village Manager
Office (06) 755 2880
Mobile 021 565 854

Meet our Village Manager

What do you do as Village Manager?

It’s my role to ensure the village runs smoothly and that our residents are happy and have what they need. I am responsible for villa maintenance and refurbishments, marketing of our Village, meeting with prospective residents and ensuring our Villages are always at the forefront of independent living. I am also involved in the development of our latest Village, MiLife on Wills which is so exciting to be a part of and to see the Village growing and becoming its own community.

What do you like about what you do at MiLife?

I love to spend time with our residents and see them enjoying their retirement. The size of our Villages mean that we know each of our residents and often their families as well, this enables us to create a much more personalised experience. I like to make sure our village is always looking its best, and we have an amazing team who helps to ensure that happens. We have modern, spacious villas and it’s a real privilege to show these to people. I love that my role is so varied, each day is different and I am always learning, I consider it a real privilege to do what I do.

What do you think is special or different about MiLife?

The personalised experience we offer and the friendships and experiences that result because of this. It is a community in the true sense of the word, everyone looks out for each other and both Villages are just lovely places to be. We have many activities that are well supported by the residents and it’s wonderful to see them all get together in our Community Centre or out and about in our region in the Village vans.

Do you have any special memories?

Not long after I started we had a ramp built from our lovely outdoor deck area, so of course we had to celebrate and hold an official ‘ramp opening’! This has made a real difference to how the deck is used and looks amazing. I also took a large group of our ladies out to a musical – we all dressed in pink and some of us were even dancing in the aisles! I have also thoroughly enjoyed welcoming all of the new residents to MiLife, and particularly catching up with them a few months later to hear what a difference the move has made to their lives. MiLife is life changing for residents and staff alike!