Sue Blewitt, Village Manager
Office (06) 355 4665
Mobile 027 359 3807

Meet our Village Manager

What do you do as Village Manager?

My role is multifaceted – from involvement in village development, villa maintenance and landscaping to meeting with prospective new residents and providing support for existing residents.  Importantly I also work with the residents’ committee in planning the outings and events at the village.

What do you like about what you do at MiLife?

My role offers variety and colour with something new every day and lots of interaction with our residents. Having passion for the role and the people here is important to me.

What do you think is special or different about MiLife?

The support and the companionship in the village is priceless.  This community atmosphere helps give peace of mind to the families who don’t get to see their parents and grandparents as often as they would like. Most of our residents have joined MiLife for the things they can’t get living outside of the village. Rather than being alone and having to worry about maintenance issues with their home, here people can focus on developing friendships and being involved in activities that interest them – whether it be quiz nights, Tai Chi, knitting or any variety of activities.

To see their social calendar, you wonder when retirement life is going to begin!

Do any special events come to mind?

Recently we had a girls’ night out shopping and had the whole shop to ourselves, the buzz of chitter chatter as people were trying on different items was amazing and then off we all go for dinner. The fact it was a cold May winter’s evening didn’t stop anyone from coming along and having fun.

The residents also had a tour over to Tui Brewery for lunch. It was great to see so many of them going out and having a good time as testament by the Tui photo they got: ‘MiLife were here – yeah right‘