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Michelle Stewart, Village Manager
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Meet our Village Manager

What do you do as Village Manager?

I have been Village Manager at MiLife Bell Vista since August 2009 and it’s my role to ensure the smooth running of the village- obviously there’s a lot to that.

What do you like about what you do at MiLife?

I love to show off our beautiful village at Open Days.  Most people are surprised how spacious and modern the villas are.  I love it when I’m showing people around and they bump into someone in the village they know – especially when they haven’t seen them for a long time or perhaps had lost contact.  Oh the stories that are told and the years that need catching up on.

What do you think is special or different about MiLife?

Visitors to MiLife Bell Vista say they’re impressed with how natural looking the village is – not institutional or commercial at all.  It’s a lovely, well-maintained collection of modern homes.  You could easily forget you’re in a retirement village if it wasn’t for the community centre, the social hub of the village, where residents gather for activities and events.

Do you have any special memories?

When Gwen moved into MiLife Bell Vista her son told me how she was going to miss her lemon tree at her old house.  Under cover of darkness I arranged for our gardener to plant a lemon tree in Gwen’s garden, positioned so she could see it from her kitchen window.  The next day she came to see me in my office and told me a story about her as a little girl, playing with the fairies at the bottom of the garden.  I’ll never forget her smile and the delight on her face when she explained:  “This morning I woke up to find a lemon tree in my garden that wasn’t there yesterday.  Now I know there really are fairies at the bottom of the garden”.

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