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Linda Cliff, Village Manager
Office (06) 368 1850
Mobile 027 463 2068 
You can contact Linda at

Meet our Village Manager

What do you do as Village Manager?

Its my role to ensure the efficient running and development of this great village. Very importantly, I’m responsible for maintaining an open and friendly environment for the residents to enjoy. 

What do you like about what you do at MiLife?

It's like living in a resort! 

I love seeing happy people living independently in such a caring environment.  I enjoy seeing the relationships they have built with other residents and the genuine caring they have for 
each other.  Its great seeing the residents being so relaxed, chatting and laughing and helping each other out with different things and knowing that I’m able to enhance what they already have created. 

What do you think is special or different about MiLife?

I think people can feel the welcoming environment as soon as they enter the village.  The tranquil grounds and relaxed and friendly way of the village environment is definitely noticeable. 

The owners are regularly on site, mixing with the residents and talking to them about anything they want to discuss. 

This personal touch and focus on lifestyle is noticeable throughout all the staff at the villages and is what makes our villages different from some more commercially run villages.

Do any special events come to mind?

It’s been amazing to see the culture, the positive, genuine caring the residents have for each other, and that a lot of the residents have been here for many years. 

Today I dropped a van of  residents into town. Some of the men got the step out and took the hands of the ladies to ensure they got up the steps and assisted with seat belts. On arrival they all gathered and discussed where they were going and  where they were to meet back at after shopping, making sure they all knew what was happening.  Some paired off together as they heading off in the same direction.  Some guided the visually challenged  across the road to ensure they were on the right path.  I picked them all up a few hours later and the same thing happened. 

All looking out for each other, lifting groceries and walkers on board, helping each other up the steps as they chuckled away.  They laughed and joked with each other all the way back.  I thought to myself “what more could I want for my parents” than to know that this is the nurturing environment they would be living in, in this lovely village. Every day I see an example just like this teamed up with laughter and friendship. 


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