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Linda Cliff, Village Manager
Office (06) 368 1850
Mobile 027 463 2068 
You can contact Linda at

Meet our Village Manager


What do you do as Village Manager?

Its my role to ensure the efficient running and development of this great village. More importantly, I’m responsible for maintaining an open and friendly environment for the residents to enjoy. 


What do you like about what you do at MiLife?

I enjoy meeting new people, working with them and helping them through the process of moving into the village.It’s great to meet their families and get to know them over time.

I love seeing people of all ages happily living independently in such a great caring environment. It’s always pleasing for me to see new relationships form, and people enjoying the company of others.


What do you think is special or different about MiLife?

I think people can feel the welcoming environment as soon as they enter the village. The tranquil grounds and relaxed and friendly Village environment are often comment’s I hear from visitors to our Village.

The residents are familiar with the Village owners who visit frequently. This personal touch our staff offer and the focus on lifestyle is noticeable throughout our Villages and is what makes our Villages different from some more commercially run villages.


Do any special events come to mind?

Friday night Happy Hour is definitely a great time to get to know new residents. The laughter from the Community Room is delightful.Lots of stories told and laughter is shared.This sometimes follows on to pot luck dinners and then viewing the rugby together.With supporters from different teams this can make the banter interesting.Always lots of fun to be had.

Our Social Committee meet monthly to organise different events and outings for the residents to enjoy.I had a family member pass on to me that her Mum was hard to get hold of since moving into the Village with so many things on her social calendar. This was certainly different to how she lived before and that the social aspect of Village life has made a huge difference to her wellbeing. I hear many great comments like this, and it’s always a very rewarding part of my job.

MiLife can certainly make a difference to your life.




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