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2018 Finished in style - 2019 coming along nicely!

What a year! New villas, commemorations, celebrations, inspirational guest speakers, outings and events across the MiLife villages - Levin, New Plymouth and Palmerston North. To read about it all, including plans for the rest of 2019 Click Here Read More

MiLife 2018 Mid-year newsletter

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Easter - With All the Frills Upon It

This year’s MiLife Rosewood Park had a fun twist to go along with the general festivities and traditional BBQ – an Easter Bonnet Competition. Read More

2016 Information Guide Update

MiLife has updated their Information Guide to include the addition of Linda Cliff to the team as the new village manager for Levin. Read More

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Find out about news, events and activities happening across the MiLife Lifestyle Villages in Levin, New Plymouth and Palmerston North. Click here Read More

Information Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have an updated Information Guide and where do I find it?

Yes. You can access that by clicking on the image on the right which will give you comprehensive information in a pdf format which you can print out, save and/or email.

Q. What is an Occupation Right Agreement?

This is the written agreement, document or combination of documents that grants any person the right to occupy a residential unit or villa within a retirement village and specifies terms and conditions which apply to that occupation.

Q. Do I need a solicitor?

You must obtain advice from a lawyer independent of the village operator before you sign an Occupation Right Agreement. It is important that you and your family understand what is involved in entering into an Occupation Right Agreement to join a retirement village.

Q. What about my independence?

You live as independently as you choose in a MiLife Village, with the added assurance that support services can be accessed if required. The MiLife Philosophy is to encourage an independent environment where residents continue to interact with multi-generational communities at the local clubs and volunteer organisations that they presently belong to, as well as enjoying the company of like-minded people in the village community, or you may choose to just enjoy the quiet privacy of your own home, that is fine too, the choice is yours.

Q. Are pets allowed?

Your small house trained pet will be allowed to reside with you at the village, at the discretion of the Village Manager. Please discuss this with us.

Q. Can I have visitors to stay with me?

Yes your unit or villa is your home and your family, friends and grandchildren may stay for short periods, but cannot move in on a permanent basis. The Community Centre and recreational facilities are available for the use of both residents and their guests.

Q. Can I have a garden?

The village operator is responsible for a continuous maintenance programme of the grounds and gardens. However you are most welcome to do your own garden.

Q. What about security?

Emergency call points located throughout the units and villas are linked to a central monitoring point providing 24 hr response.

Q. Is there a cost for the emergency call point response?

No. Monitoring and upkeep of the emergency call point is covered in your weekly outgoing fee.

Q. Do the units or villas have a personal telephone?

There are telephone connections in each unit or villa. It is just a matter of getting them connected with a telephone company.

Q. What about maintenance?

The village operator is responsible for maintaining all the buildings and the plant and equipment in the village in a good, clean and tidy order and condition.

Q. Who pays for rates and insurance?

The fortnightly village outgoings fee includes all insurance premiums with the exception of your personal contents insurance. Residents should insure their own personal contents. The village outgoings fee also includes general rates and water rates.

Q. Will the fortnightly outgoings fee change?

The village outgoings fee is reviewed annually by the operator. The operator may, in consultation with the Statutory Supervisor, increase the village outgoings fee if any unforeseen material change in the cost of the village outgoings occurs.

Q. Does the weekly outgoings fee cease if I vacate my unit or villa?

If after 6 months from vacation and removal of personal possessions the unit or villa remains unsold, the weekly outgoings fee will cease.

Q. Do I qualify for government funding?

Residents in MiLife villages generally qualify for all the government-funded services they would be entitled to if they were living in their own home in the community. So, if you currently receive house keeping assistance or other services through WINZ or other agencies, you will retain those services upon moving into the village.

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

No. An explanation of all costs can be found in our Statutory Disclosure Statements.

Q. How do I apply?

The village managers assist incoming residents with the application process. Applications will only be accepted on the application form accompanying the Statutory Disclosure Statements.